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Dad Wants a Thunder Jacket for Father’s Day. Not for the Dog, for Me.

April 26, 2012

After reading about how a Thunder Jacket is a drug-free solution to relieve my dog’s stress and anxiety, I’ve decided I need one more than my mutt.

The Thunder Jacket claims that, “It can be used to reduce and, in many cases, completely eliminate anxiety in your dog. It helps to provide relief from a number of situations your dog might find to be stressful, such as Loud Noise (fireworks, etc.), Storms/Thunder, Separation From Owner, Car Travel, Crating and Visitors.”

Mornings – When I think about my life raising and living with children, I find myself in “a number of situations I find to be stressful.” Let’s start with the beginning of the day. It would be very helpful for me to slide into one of these jackets on those Saturday mornings when I am awoken by my girls arguing downstairs while burning pancakes and destroying the kitchen. I think the calming effect of the coat would be useful before walking into a kitchen that looks like a car bomb went off in my pantry.

Car Travel – Like many dogs, I find car travel with kids to be one of the more stressful times in my life, and I would really like to put on one these coats before pulling out of the driveway for the open road. When I am locked in a tin can with the noise of girls arguing over spilled drinks, where we stop for lunch, movie choices, smelly feet….etc. the calming effect of this coat would be a welcome break and likely relieve the panting and uncontrollable shakes I get while driving.

Work – I find work a welcome respite from the mornings, evenings and weekends with my noisy kids. I would guess many air traffic controllers, Bering Sea crab fisherman and law enforcement officers feel the same way.

Getting home from work – I would definitely don my Thunder Jacket prior to walking into the house after work, and I would likely leave it on until the kids went to bed. Between the fights, homework, daily drama recap, kids not wanting to eat their dinner, kids not getting ready for bed, house repairs that cropped up during the day, bills and my stressed out wife, I think a drug-free solution for my evening strain and anxiety would be invaluable.

I’m really not too worried about the sizing or the fashion statement this garment would make. The Velcro straps appear to make sizing versatile. If it comes in a ‘fitted’ cut, I figure I could wear it under my clothes all weekend like a sort of soothing flack jacket. I prefer a size bigger than I need. At my age, most of my clothes are too big (for comfort), and I have a preference for anything that comes with an elastic waistband. I noticed these jackets are sized by weight instead of numbered sizes, which allows me to stay in denial as to my actual waist size.

So, if you are looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift, drive past the liquor store this year and head for the pet shop.

© Johnny Hea – 2012 All Rights Reserved


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  1. Marie Overfors permalink

    Sounds like a great Mother’s Day gift, too!

  2. So, you’d pretty much never take it off then, right? I mean, other than showers, I can’t really see a time when you’d want to remove it…

  3. Wow, we were going to get daddy an espresso machine, but this sounds better. . .

  4. You’ve been tagged! Please come out and play!

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